International Scientific Workshop “Ecology of Forest Fires”

11-15 September 2016
International Scientific Workshop “Ecology of Forest Fires”, with GFMC contributions presented by Oyunsanaa Byambasuren: (1) Fire ecology of forest and steppe ecosystems of Mongolia: State of knowledge and research (O. Byambasuren); (2) Example of international and cross-disciplinary fire ecology research in Central Eurasia: The Bor Forest Island Fire Experiment (Krasnoyarsk Region, Russian Federation) (J.G. Goldammer and O. Byambasuren); (3) “Wildland fire science at the fire management and policy interface in Central Asia: The Regional Central Asia Wildland Fire Network and the newly established Fire Management Resource Center – Central Asia Region (FMRC-CAR)” (O. Byambasuren); and (4) “Bringing wildland fire science to fire management application and policy decision support” (J.G. Goldammer and O. Byambasuren) and participation at the International Round Table (O. Byambasuren); Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation.

Krasnoyarsk-Byambasuren-2016 Krasnoyarsk-Ponomarev-2016
Workshop presentations
Field visit to the post fire regeneration of the Pine forests in Siberia