International Scientific Workshop “Ecology of Forest Fires”

Research on Estimating grass fuel loads with Disk Pasture Meter (DPM) and GIS tools
International Seminar Exchange of Experience and Introduction of Innovative Technologies in Forest Fire Protection
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11-15 September 2016
International Scientific Workshop “Ecology of Forest Fires”, with GFMC contributions presented by Oyunsanaa Byambasuren: (1) Fire ecology of forest and steppe ecosystems of Mongolia: State of knowledge and research (O. Byambasuren); (2) Example of international and cross-disciplinary fire ecology research in Central Eurasia: The Bor Forest Island Fire Experiment (Krasnoyarsk Region, Russian Federation) (J.G. Goldammer and O. Byambasuren); (3) “Wildland fire science at the fire management and policy interface in Central Asia: The Regional Central Asia Wildland Fire Network and the newly established Fire Management Resource Center – Central Asia Region (FMRC-CAR)” (O. Byambasuren); and (4) “Bringing wildland fire science to fire management application and policy decision support” (J.G. Goldammer and O. Byambasuren) and participation at the International Round Table (O. Byambasuren); Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation.

Krasnoyarsk-Byambasuren-2016 Krasnoyarsk-Ponomarev-2016
Workshop presentations
Field visit to the post fire regeneration of the Pine forests in Siberia